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RX-221 Custom

RX-221 Custom

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 RX 221 Custom 

6 cases minimum for custom label order

Please add the number of cases and then click on the customize button to begin customizing your labels design 

The RX Labels RX-221 prescription label is a high-quality label designed for professional pharmacists and health care facilities. This label measures 3.125" x 8.5" and can be used with both laser and inkjet printers. It is pre-printed and blank, making it a versatile tool for labels in prescription medication. Order your bulk prescription labels now!


  • White Background
  • Compatible with Most Printers
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Adhesive Backing

The RX Labels RX-221 prescription label is a top-quality label designed for pharmacists and healthcare facilities and is an essential tool for ensuring the safe and accurate delivery of prescription medication to patients. Its versatility makes it easy to label various types of prescription medication bottles, ensuring that all medication is accurately identified and labeled. The blank option of the label is ideal for custom labeling, providing pharmacists with the flexibility to add personalized information relevant to each medication. The label's compatibility with modern technology makes it perfect for pharmacies that need to produce a high volume of accurately labeled medication in less time. The customizable features, high-quality material, and compatibility with modern technology make the RX Labels RX-221 prescription label a versatile and highly functional label for all prescription labeling requirements.


  • 320 Labels/Roll
  • 18 Rolls/Case
  • 5,760 Total Labels per Case


Number Of Cases Price Per Case Price Per Roll
6 - 8 $203.10 $11.28
9 - 10 $195.59 $10.86
11-17 $185.78 $10.32
    18 +  $181.29 $10.07