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RX-227 – Standard Prescription Label

RX-227 – Standard Prescription Label

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The RX Labels RX-227 prescription label is a high-quality label designed for professional use. It measures 4" x 5", is pre-printed and blank, and is designed to withstand all environmental conditions. This label is suitable for use on prescription medication bottles, vials, and packs. Order your bulk prescription labels now!


  • White Background
  • Compatible with Most Printers
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Adhesive Backing

The RX Labels RX-227 prescription label is a top-quality label designed for pharmacists who need high-precision labeling for prescription medication bottles, vials, and packs. This label is shorter and wider in format and provides ample space to include all necessary prescription information. The RX-227 label is designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it a reliable, long-lasting product for prescription medication labeling. Its superior adhesive backing ensures that the label remains in place even under the most challenging conditions, making it easy to read, and reducing the chances of errors. Its compatibility with modern technology ensures that the label is easy to integrate into any medication labeling software and environment. The RX Labels RX-227 prescription label is an excellent investment for pharmacists who value accurate, efficient, and reliable prescription medication labeling. Its versatility, resilience, and high quality make it an essential tool for all prescription medication labeling needs.


  • 500 Labels/Roll
  • 18 Rolls/Case
  • 9,000 Total Labels per Case
Number Of Cases Price Per Case Price Per Roll
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   5 $241.34 $13.40
6-7 $220.39 $12.24
8-10 $209.70 $11.65
    11 +  $197.98 $10.99