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The Benefits of Switching to Easy Removable Prescription Labels

by Kelly Bolin 30 Aug 2023
Prescription labels serve as a crucial tool for pharmacies, providing essential information to patients about their medications. However, the process of removing adhesive labels during returns or when patients need to switch medications can be tedious and time-consuming. In this blog post from RX Labels, we will explore the benefits of switching to easy removable prescription labels, specifically EZ Peel labels, and how printing them with the Zebra Desktop printer using thermal labels can streamline pharmacy operations and improve customer service. Keep reading to learn more and shop our prescription labels today! 
Standard Prescription Labels

EZ Peel Labels

EZ Peel labels, as the name suggests, are designed for easy removal. These labels adhere securely to prescription bottles during use but can be effortlessly peeled off without leaving any adhesive residue, saving time and reducing the risk of damaging the bottle surface. Pharmacies that switch to EZ Peel labels will appreciate the simplified process of removing labels during medication returns or when patients need new labels for prescription changes. The ease of removal ensures a hassle-free experience for both patients and pharmacy staff.

Multi-Language Labels

Zebra Desktop Printer

Printing prescription labels using the Zebra Desktop printer offers numerous advantages for pharmacies. Zebra printers are known for their reliability, performance, and ease of use. By using a Zebra Desktop printer, pharmacies can effortlessly print EZ Peel labels in a timely and efficient manner, optimizing workflow and reducing the chance of errors. These printers are compatible with a wide range of thermal label types, including direct thermal labels, ensuring that the prescription labels adhere securely without the need for ink or toner cartridges.

Large Font Labels

Thermal Labels

EZ Peel labels, like those provided by RX Labels, use thermal printing technology. Thermal labels are specifically designed to work seamlessly with thermal printers, such as Zebra Desktop printers. The labels are coated with a thermal-sensitive material that turns dark when heat is applied, creating clear and durable prints. Pharmacists can confidently print prescription information, barcodes, and even logos on thermal labels, knowing that they will remain legible and intact throughout the medication's lifecycle.

Enhanced Pharmacy Operations

Enhanced Pharmacy Operations

By switching to easy removable prescription labels, pharmacies can experience significant improvements in their operations. With EZ Peel labels and a Zebra Desktop printer, prescription label printing becomes faster and more efficient, allowing pharmacies to handle a higher volume of prescriptions with ease. Additionally, the simplified label removal process saves time during medication returns, enabling staff to focus on other tasks that contribute to patient care. Streamlining pharmacy operations ultimately leads to improved customer service and increased patient satisfaction.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Switching to easy removable prescription labels also has the potential to improve patient satisfaction. Patients can be frustrated by labels that take time to remove or require assistance from staff. By ensuring that labels can be easily and quickly removed, pharmacies can reduce the amount of time that patients spend at their counters and improve the customer experience. Additionally, the use of thermal printing technology eliminates the risk of smudged or illegible labels, which improves patient understanding of vital medication information.

More Secure Privacy 

Easy removable prescription labels are also more secure, helping pharmacies abide by regulations on patient privacy. Thermal-printed labels are more difficult to tamper with than those that use traditional printing methods, protecting patient information from alteration. Additionally, the use of barcodes enables medical records to be scanned and securely stored, increasing privacy and decreasing the chance of fraud.
RX Labels provides high-quality prescription labels that are designed for easy removal. We offer a wide selection of thermal labels and barcodes that are compatible with Zebra Desktop printers, giving pharmacies the tools they need to efficiently print easily removable prescription labels. Contact us today to learn more and place your order!
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